Friendly visit

FIC attended the 96th Annual Meeting of Minot Area Chamber of Commerce on October 16th and met with city management, mayor and MADC board representatives and staff.

Friendly visit
Friendly visit
Friendly visit


New partners in "the Friendly-family"

Lamont Consult & Genesis Business Centers

Friendly International Consult

The aim of Friendly International Consult is to contribute to the creation of growth in commercial development, and to build relationships on the basis of trust and friendship

  • We are a trustworthy and useful link between SMEs and potential partners – internationally, nationally and regionally.

  • We contribute to the creation of added value through international networks

  • We have extensive experience within the field of international operations

  • We offer excellent services for a sensible fee


Our services

We offer:

  • Regional, national and international building of relationships for SMEs and other enterprises

  • Project/process structuring and management

  • Advice and strategic development for regional, national and international enterprises

  • Partner search - Market evaluation

  • Introduction and meeting facilitation

  • Translation of documents and brochures, text for websites etc. from Norwegian to English v.v.